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Da Dream GmbH – Exclusive Importer for Switzerland 

In 2004, the Swiss Dani Peter graduated from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa with his MBA degree. Only a couple of years later, his master thesis would become the foundation of an exciting business relationship between Europe/Switzerland and the 50th state of the USA:

The thesis clearly showed the booming potential for Kona Brewing products in Europe/Switzerland. Those excellent beers with a tropical twist, and its unique branding of “paradisaic lifestyle meets social and ecological responsiveness” proved to be the perfect match for the new trends and growing awareness in Europe. This strong bond was impersonated by the friendship between Dani and Mattson Davis, former CEO and still shareholder of Kona Brewing Company. After being granted the exclusive license to import the company’s products (plus all products of the Craft Brew Alliance) to Switzerland, Dani also teamed up with Erwin Huber †, the late Swiss entrepreneur who then ran a well-established beverage distribution company. The two fellow-countrymen had already met and discussed possible business ties during Dani’s research for his master thesis.

In 2010, the first container with Kona Beer arrived in Switzerland. Today, Dani’s DaDream GmbH is the licensed exclusive importer. The national distribution is managed by the partner company Introdrink GmbH www.introdrink.ch, a niche market beverage company.

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