Aloha. That’s how most conversations begin here. It’s also how many of them end. But “Aloha” doesn’t just mean hello and goodbye and love and welcome. It means more than a word can express. It’s a feeling. A way of life. “Aloha” is the idea that we are all connected to everyone and everything around us and that true joy is found in respecting this connection. And it’s in this aloha spirit that the Kona Brewing Company was founded back in 1994 by Cameron Healy and his son Spoon Khalsa. They combined their love of Hawaii and its pristine, natural beauty with their fondness for delicious, local brews, and lucky for us, their dream lives on more than 20 years later.

So try a few of them. And join us in our pursuit of aloha.

Green matters

Here at the Kona Brewing Company, we know the future of Mother Earth depends on the way that we treat her. So we brew our beer sustainably, using solar energy to power our Big Island brewery, on-site gardens to recycle our water, and even leftover grains to bake into our pizza crust for the Kailua-Kona brewpub. We think the earth is pretty great. Let’s keep it that way!

We have dramatically reduced our reliance on transportation fuel for raw materials, packaging and distribution by bottling, canning and producing beer for the mainland, at our affiliated mainland breweries. This practice allows fans in all our markets to receive the freshest, most sustainable beer possible.

We also love giving back to our community by supporting local organizations that display an authentic, innovative approach to their mission and objectives that match up with our internal values. In-kind donation requests are reviewed by a team of brewery employees.

Smarter energy

Sun, meet beer. At our Kailua-Kona brewery, we use a roof-mounted photovoltaic system (aka a “solar energy system”) to produce an average of 645 KWh of electricity per day, preventing what would eventually add up to a whopping 16,830 barrels of oil being shipped to the island for brewing purposes.

Let’s be resourceful

They say water is life. We say, “Then we should probably conserve it.” At our Kailua-Kona brewery, we use repurposed whiskey barrels to collect condensation from our air conditioning. This condensation then gets used for irrigation and on-site gardens, allowing our pub to recycle 53,000 gallons of water a year. We also make our bottles lighter to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions. And, when possible, we use local Hawaiian ingredients in our beers, like Kona coffee and ginger.

Waste less. Recycle more.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. For us, it’s not just a poster in a middle-school cafeteria. It’s a motto to live by. We recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, glass, metal, and electronics, and we always try to use recycled and reclaimed materials, whether we’re building support beams for our brewery or six-pack handles for our beer.

We’re certifiably green

The Kona Brewpub and Koko Marina Pub have plenty of gold stars when it comes to the Green Restaurant Association. The Kailua-Kona pub is a 4-star level, the highest that can be achieved, and the Koko pub is a 3-star level. We’re not usually ones to brag, but these are the only two restaurants in Hawaii to have achieved such impressive certifications.

Aloha, Community

At Kona, we’re big believers in giving back to the community, which is why we strive to support like-minded, non-profit organizations by donating $250,000 to them annually. A couple of the non-profits we donated to last year were the Surfrider Foundation and Blue Planet Foundation.

Kona people doing good

A company is only as green as its employees. That’s why we include sustainability training in orientation for all new hires, and even provide incentives for employees who ride their bikes, use public transit, or walk to work.



Kona Brewing Company was founded by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa. The pair had a vision to reflect the spirit, culture, and beauty of Hawaii in a collection of local island craft beers, so in 1994 they set out for the Big Island to bring their dream to life.

Flash forward to today, and Kona Brewing has become one of the best-selling craft beer brands in the world. But despite our global success, we’ve managed to stay true to our Hawaiian roots through innovation, sustainability and community outreach. And we’re still headquartered where it all began, in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island.



At Kona, our ambassadors are pros at living Aloha. They represent everything we’re about, and you can find them promoting our beer at events all across the country. Wanna know more?

Check out what they’re up to here


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